Frequently asked questions

Before going deep int to FAQ check this video out that explains how TOTASPORT works:📺 EN video version📺 LT video versija


To start playing, you have to:

  •   1.  Register or if you are already a member just login in TOTASPORT;
  •   2.  Join the tournament. All available tournaments you can find in menu > TOURNAMENTS. Chose the one you like to join and press [+ JOIN];
  •   3. Open one of your tournament from menu > MY TOURNAMENTS and make predictions.

Each tournament can have many pools however pool, could be one of 3 types:

  •      GLOBAL - user joins it automatically as joins the tournament. You cannot leave this type of pool.
  •     PUBLIC - any user can joint it manually;
  •      PRIVATE - only user who has access code can join it;

What will I predict?

This depends on the sport. In basketball tournaments you have to pick the winning team and the margin, in football tournaments you have to guess the match score.

What is the deadline to enter my prediction?

The deadline is the start of the match.

Can I change my prediction?

No. As long as you have approved your prediction, you cannot change it.

Where can I find my prediction and the results?

Your`s made prediction can be found under each match event in menu > MY TOURNAMENTS > one of the tournaments > PLAY. If your pick looks like this "X - X" that means you haven`t made your pick for this match.

Can I make different picks for same match?

No. For one match you can make only one pick. This pick is valid in all pools of the same tournament that you are playing in.

When my rank in leaderboard is recalculated?

Player`s rank is recalculated each time when TOTASPORT admin approves match result.

I have the same number of points as my friend, who is first?

Even though you and your friend are in different leaderboard positions, we don`t apply any rule how to recalculate who is the higher in leaderboard when two or more players have the same number of points.

What does the gap in Leaderboard's rank sequence means?

In some tournaments players are able to leave a pool. When this happens the gaps in rank sequence appears. Don't worry about it, after next rank recalculation the gap disappears.

What happens if I would leave the pool?

By leaving a pool you will lose all points what you eared in this pool.


In Football tournaments you have to enter the outcome of the normal match time (90 min.). Football score counting:

  •      Points for the right winner and an exact score - 4,0;
  •      Points for the right winner and a correct goal difference - 2,0;
  •      Points for the right winner - 1,0.


The match in the normal time has ended with the result Team A (2 - 1) Team B. The Team A won.

Jill Team A 2 - 1 4
Eve Team A 4 - 3 2
John Team A 3 - 1 1
Simon DRAW 0 - 0 0


In Basketball tournaments you have to pick the winning team and the winning margin. Match score is considered as the final score, after overtime if it was played. Possible margin options to pick:

  •      1-2;
  •      3-6;
  •      7-9;
  •      10-13;
  •      14-16;
  •      17-20;
  •      21-30;
  •      >= 31.

Basketball score is counted only when player predicts the right winner::

  •      Points for exact winning margin - 5,0;
  •      Points for very close winning margin (one margin away from the right winning margin) - 4,0;
  •      Points for close winning margin (two margins away from the right winning margin) - 3,0;
  •      Points for distance winning margin (three margins away from the right winning margin) - 2,0;
  •      Points for very distance winning margin (four or more margins away from the right winning margin) - 1,0.


The match ended with the result Team A (75 - 80) Team B. Team B won and the winning margin is [3 - 6].

Jill Team A [10-13] 0 Jill did not predict the right winner.
Eve Team B [3 - 6] 5 Eve predicted exact winning margin.
John Team B [1 - 2] 4 John predicted very close winning margin.
Simon Team B [7 - 9] 4 Simon predicted very close winning margin.
Alex Team B [>= 31] 1 Alex predicted very distance winning margin.