TOTASPORT is a social sports prediction game!

The aim of TOTASPORT is to make predictions of the outcomes of the games in a sports tournament.

Introducing EN video version

Pirstatome LT video versiją

  •       Play in basketball, football leagues worldwide
  •       Create your own pool or join any public pool and compete with friends or colleagues
  •       Be the best predictor among your friends or colleagues and follow progress in the pool`s leaderboard
  • Tournaments

    Predict in the most popular tournaments like NBA, Euroleague, LKL, UEFA Champions League, Lithuanian A lyga, SPAIN LA LIGA, ENGLAND Premier League and others.

  • Picks

    Predict the winning team and margin victory in team ball sports. Just place your prediction and wait for the outcome.

  • Personal pools

    Create your personal tournament`s pool and compete together with your friends or colleagues. Folow prediction progress in pool`s leaderboard.

Sneak and peak inside TOTASPORT

Below you can find examples of TOTASPORT screens to know what to expect as you sing in!